Declaring It Permanent Settlement

The Soviet government wanted its resident to settle down instead of roaming all around. That’s when they declared the Oymyakon area as a permanent settlement zone. Since then Oymyakon grew even in extremely cold conditions. A place that was all white became home to many Russians who were just looking for a place to settle.

Everything’s Simpler
Everything's More Simple

At present, the village has a population of 500 people. Life at Oymyakon is not only different but also difficult. People here chose to live a simple life. They work hard to keep themselves as well as their cattle warm. 

How Do They Survive?

Oymyakon people are used to living a rural life, they do fishing and herding to earn a living. You’ll find reindeer, Yakut horses, and cows as the main cattle for the area. The keepers of these animals have a huge responsibility on their shoulders, ie, to keep these animals alive. The barns where cattle stayed during the night are different from what you might have seen in other places. Meanwhile, the fish sellers struggle with cold.

Never Have To Refrigerate
Never Have To Refrigerate

The place is colder than our refrigerators! Now, this makes sense if the people of Oymyakon don’t own fridges. For the short duration when it looks like day, street vendors, put up their stalls to sell what they’ve caught. People especially visit Oymyakon during winter to experience the weather.

Surprised Tourists

Most of the times tourists couldn’t help but stay in shock for while after seeing these vendors standing outside for hours and hours. After seeing the next image you won’t say it anymore. Because even the tourists went on to do intensely insane things in this place. 

Adrenaline JunkiesAdrenaline Junkies

This picture was clicked when a bunch of Chinese tourists decided to play in the thermal springs around the village. The temperature was -76° F when this photo was clicked.  We must say, this a risky way to enjoy thermal springs. Also, most of the visitors are like Amos Chapple, a photographer from New Zealand. It was surprising to feel the weather and to see how nicely the residents have adapted to it.