Gradually the winter is passing by. This year it almost looks like a chilled spring. So, before winter totally fades away, leaving the endless hot days for us, we bring a peek into the life of the residents of the world’s coldest permanently inhabited place. Sitting on our comfortable couch, this place might seem magical but do the residents of this village feel the same way?

The whole fuzz started when a girl posted her selfie with frozen eyelashes and it got viral. Reporters decided to take a look inside the life of this village and certainly, the results are unbelievable. Winter is not just about snowfall and you’ll know it by the end of this article.

Oymyakon, RussiaColdest Village On Earth

Oymyakon is located in Russia’s Sakha Republic. In 1933, Oymyakon, the Siberian village was named as the “coldest inhabited place” of planet Earth after mercury fell to -94 degrees Fahrenheit (-68 Celsius). Located at 63.4608° N, 142.7858° E latitude, it is not too far from the Arctic Circle, just several 100 miles.

Average Cold

This place has always remained distant from the other parts of Russia. The village is known as the “Pole of Cold” and this name goes with the village for its average temperature is -59°F. The collection of photos that these photographers have brought for us from the coldest village on Earth are clearly depicting the extreme weather.

Dark Days

In Oymyakon, winters stay for long enough, and so does darkness. This village stays dark up to 21 hours a day! The question arises in mind what makes people survive in such chilled conditions? Obviously, the residents of Oymyakon live a very different life from the rest of us when we talk about the weather.

Colder Than Ever

These photos show that the residents have adjusted with the freezing temperature. Sadly, the temperature they got used to was still to go down as last winters turned out to be colder than ever. Cold wasn’t the only thing that was crossing limit though. Many other things crossed limit with the weather. 

From The River
From The River

Oymyakon village got its name from a nearby village, Oymyakon River. The word “Oymyakon” is derived from the Even language – a fading language that is spoken only by the people of the Even ethnicity. The word Oymyakon stems from the word kheium means “unfrozen patch of water; a place where fish spend the winter.” while some say it is derived from heyum which means “frozen lake.” The Oymyakon settlement is less than 100 years old.

Watering Hole For Nomadic People

Oymyakon was not a village during the 1920s and 30s, just a bunch of reindeer herders who belonged to Yakut ethnicity used to visit the region. The area had a couple of thermal springs which the shepherds used for their herds. Those were the times of nomads, who never stayed at one place but the Soviet government had a plan for the Oymyakon region.