Parents are one part of everyone’s life no one can ever neglect. In fact, many people believe that their first responsibility is towards their parents and later towards themselves. Even after kids grow up and start a life of their own, they prefer taking their parents’ advice before making any big decisions in their lives. Be it a financial confusion or the selection of right life partner, going against parents’ wish is one of the biggest challenges for most of the people. Not everyone can go against their parents’ wish.

However, taking a risk for the sake of one’s own happiness can be good at times. This is the story of those people who followed their parents’ wish and regretted it later.

Parents Vs Children

Ideology clashes are too common a scenario in every other house. There are only two outcomes for this situation: either any one of the sides give up or the argument adds bitterness into their relationship. One boy took his father’s advice so seriously that it changed his life completely. 

Tensed School Days

Michael had seen many rough days in his life. His father worked at construction sites and that’s how the family got its daily bread. Michael did go to school like all other kids but something was missing from his school life, ie, carefree education. You must be wondering what a little boy has to worry about. Well, Michael had a very critical situation that always kept him worried.

Struggling School Life

Even as a kid, Michael understood his family situation very well, he used to see his dad returning home after a long tiring day at work with no job security and irregular wages. He knew it was hard for his dad to pay his school fee yet he somehow managed it all for his son’s education. Every passing year of Michael’s school gave his father assurance that his son is a step closer to doing something good with his life. Sadly, Michael would never be able to complete his studies.

Doing The Best He Can

Michael developed a sense of responsibility towards his family at an early age.  He always tried to do the best he could to support his dad. He started working part-time after his school hours at a nearby book store. This went on smoothly until he finished his schooling. Soon Michael’s expenses were going to increase and a part-time job won’t be enough.

College: A Far Dream

As Michael finished his schooling it started to look quite obvious that his father will not be able to afford his college expenses. The idea of continuing college and earning at the same time might sound brave, unfortunately, Michael needed to earn and spend it further to meet his family’s basic necessities. This meant that a part-time job was never going to be enough for him.

Quitting College

It was the toughest decision that Michael took after completing his school at least that’s what it felt at that moment. When he decided to follow his dad’s footsteps. He decided to quit all his plans for further studies and start working full-time.