The Little One

Vera and Nikolay named their daughter Tatyana. When the couple brought their newborn baby girl home, they wanted to provide her with the best of everything. As she was too young, the only way she communicated was with her expressions and crying gestures. But, one day the situation seems to be something different.

Maybe Hungry

It was not new for the couple to see the newborn cry, they were already experienced parents. Most often it was seen that the babies would cry to communicate that they are hungry. And when Vera would feed Tatyana she would get all the more cranky and would fight.

A Hope

Vera often thought that Tatyana was mildly colic but as she would cry louder and louder she would be frightened. Vera and Nikolay hoped that as the baby girl grows older, her behavior which comes across strange to them would eventually vanish. However, fate had something else for the family.

Growing Old

As years passed, Tatyana grew into a preschooler. However, her behavior was still not normal. The couple could not understand the matter. Tatyana would at times be very happy with them and then she would isolate herself. She was turning into a moody person and would often be upset. Matters worsened when Tatyana became the topic of discussion for the neighbors.

Not Lovable

Vera would recall the birth of her son. She remembers how he would sleep in her arms. Also, he would depict via actions or crying that he is hungry but in Tatyana’s case, she would rebel every time Vera tried to feed her. She, being a mother, could easily sense that there was definitely something odd about her baby girl.

Rumours Around

While Tatyana turned around 6 years old, the neighbors too started to talk about her odd attitude. People would whisper to one another about this little girl and soon a big rumor was spread. Even Vera’s close relatives started talking about it. When Vera came to know about what people were gossiping about, she couldn’t take it.