Kevin and his wife discussed the matter and came to a conclusion. They were both worried that something might not be fine with Ruth and that they should help her out if that was the case. Kevin finally went out to have a word with Ruth. 


Ruth was very happy to meet her new neighbor. She showed Kevin her little car-house and asked him about his family. Kevin felt that Ruth was a very kind and friendly person and so he went forward to ask her about her house. But as soon as he asked her why she did not live in her house, there was complete silence. 

No Answer

There was an awkward silence between Ruth and Kevin after Kevin asked the lady about her house. She quickly changed the topic and started to ask him about his wife. Kevin realized something was definitely wrong, but why would Ruth tell about her problems to a stranger? 

An Initiative

Kevin understood that he would have to be friends with Ruth to get to know about her secret for abandoning her own house. It was very obvious that no person would tell their story to a stranger. So Kevin started talking to Ruth as often as he could. 

Poor Conditions

All this while, Kevin noticed that Ruth’s car was not in good condition either. The car could not be driven, it was out of service. Neither could Ruth switch on the heater of the car on cold nights. Kevin was more than concerned now as to why Ruth was not going back to her house instead.

Better Relation

Days passed and Ruth and Kevin talked every day for an hour or so. They had become good friends and Ruth had started sharing about her personal life with Kevin. But few things were still left untold, and those were the things Kevin wanted to know the most.