A Confusing Condition

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Someone having a very common case of hypoglycemia usually becomes slowly unaware of the symptoms that they actually have. Strangely, someone having a typically high blood sugar levels can start to show symptoms even if the levels that they currently have could be considered a normal level. This is something that is truly confusing when it comes to high or low blood sugar levels.

Pregnant People More Prone

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What researchers and doctors have found out is that someone who is carrying a child is more likely to go through morning hypoglycemia. There is a good explanation for this though. The reason behind this is because when they are pregnant, their body tends to use up more calories to help nurture the developing fetus inside their womb.

Other Causes

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The main causes of low blood sugar would be diabetes medications like the ones for long-acting diabetes, medications of the sulfonylurea family or insulin, drugs like pneumonia, drug pentamidine, type 1 diabetics drinking alcohol , organ failure caused by chronic kidney disease, recent stomach surgery like bariatric (weight loss) surgery, rare enzyme or hormone disorders that cause difficulty in absorbing or breaking down of glucose.

Some More Causes

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Other causes also include, diabetic people with a sudden increase in activity level as exercise is known to cause lower blood glucose. It can also be due to vomiting or diarrhea, having low-carbohydrate diets, an insulin-producing tumor (insulinoma), hormonal imbalances like low adrenal function and low growth hormone and also an accidental ingestion of antidiabetic drugs. Cancer can also cause low blood sugar in rare cases.

Symptoms Of Hypoglycemia

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Let us take a close look at what the symptoms are for hypoglycemia. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms that show that your blood sugar levels are gradually dropping. Symptoms of hypoglycemia range from faint headaches to extremely severe ones. If your headaches are mild, you might not think it is a serious case but if you do not take preventive measures, it can become worse.

How It Shows

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In the beginning, a person would go through symptoms like a swift heartbeat, sweating, hand tremors, and even hunger. If the blood level still continues to drop, a person may experience personality changes, irritability, seizures, and eventually, comas if not treated right. So make sure you never ignore these symptoms as they tend to become quite serious in a short span of time.