So as you might have guessed by now, this article will be all about low blood sugar and the phenomenon behind it. We will be looking at the reasons why blood sugar usually has a sudden drop in the morning-time, the symptoms pertaining to hypoglycemia, and the treatment or prevention of it all. Be sure to read through so as to get a better understanding and help someone or yourself with this illness…

Low Blood Sugar

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Have you ever met someone with low blood sugar? Or do you actually feel like you are suffering from it? Or even worse, do you actually have it? Well, people with low blood sugar in the mornings aka morning hypoglycemia, usually feel very lethargic, dull or confused in the morning when they wake up. It is a common medical condition that a lot of us have to live with.

Not Necessarily Serious

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Hypoglycemia does not necessarily have to be a serious or life-threatening condition, that is, if you take preventive measures or treat it properly. To have low blood sugar in the early hours of the day usually happens to people medicating themselves with diabetic treatments. There are other reasons too as we will discuss them in this articles…

The Cause?

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There are so many symptoms to look at when talking about low blood sugar. Low blood sugar usually makes a person feeling very tired and spaced out. When a person does not take in food for long hours or has not eaten for a long time, the sugar level in the blood drops. As we never wake up to go and eat during night time, it ultimately results in a drop in the levels of blood sugar.

So Then How?

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When our body does not consume food for a long time, blood sugar levels are called fasting blood sugar. But when we sleep and our body has not taken in food throughout the whole night, it does not really affect blood sugar levels. Well, this is because the body can prevent it from dropping to fatal levels. It is then that the liver comes to the rescue, releasing some of its stored sugar during night-time.

Timing For Tests?

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So what is the normal fasting blood sugar levels for a regular person having diabetes? Well, the level would vary to about  70 and 130 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL). When is the best time for a person to measure their blood sugar levels? He or she should take the test in the morning before breakfast before any food has been consumed.

What Is It?

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What is low blood sugar? When the sugar levels of the body fall down to about 70 mg/dL, the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar would start to show. Many people would become very sick if their blood sugar levels have gone down to 70 mg/dL. On the other hand, some other people may not notice signs until blood sugar stoops lower than this level.