Have you ever had an experience that you have absolutely zero explanations about? Have you ever come home to see that your place is a mess? Coming home to a backyard flooded with newspapers in a disorderly manner? You would simply accept that this incident is a simple mistake at first right? So what if it occurs several times? Surely you would be puzzled and intrigued to find out what is going on. This guy would always see his yard full of unwanted newspapers, so he decided to find out what the reason was. To say that he was shocked does not do justice…

Getting Newspapers

So like we had mentioned, there comes a time in each of our lives where something in-explainable happens. We must have all gone through something that does not make sense, something that is totally unexpected and strange. So this is what James Eubanks went through. A few days earlier, he had come across several newspapers that were placed on his lawn.

Identifying The Source

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We all know that it is a common thing for each household to subscribe to a certain newspaper or even several. It would not have been weird at all for James but the thing is that he had no memory of ever subscribing to get these newspapers. Since he was too shocked to see what had happened, he decided to place a hidden camera leaving him with discovery so shocking.

Strange Morning

And so since he did not have any recollection of ever subscribing to this newspaper, it was a very shocking discovery that morning for him. As he went outside his North Carolina house, Eubanks did not imagine that he would ever find a newspaper next to his door. He was incredibly shocked to learn about the fact that there was one just outside…

Was It A Prank?

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We all know that newspapers cannot or do not just pop out of nowhere. Since Eubanks was certain that he did not register to get any, he regarded this to be a simple mistake. He initially thought of this to be a one-time thing, but boy was he wrong. Since it started happening ever so often, he came to a point where he was convinced that somebody was pranking him. He was appalled…

What’s This Newspaper? 

So one day, Eubanks woke up too what he thought wold be just another ordinary day. But as soon as he opened the door, he found a single newspaper. This was very shocking but quite subtle as compared to the other days. He would sometimes find ten copies of the Winston-Salem Journal, some shredded, in his property waiting to be discovered.

His Neighbors?

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So imagine the kind of confusion he must have felt when he discovered all this unexpected paper lying on his lawn. He was perplexed and also infuriated to see that his backyard had been tempered with, that somebody had taken time to litter there. His home was not a dumping ground! He was mad that he needed to speak to his neighbors and get to the bottom of things.