Motherly Love

Well, the idea did not go well with Genevieve. She had developed a feeling of affection for her child and was devastated by her boyfriend’s betrayal. She was also scared as the young girl had no idea how was she going to tackle it. That too without her family support. Her family started treating her as an outsider.       

Nine Months

The journey was not easy at all. This nine months of her life seemed to be the most difficult time of her life. But little did she know it was just the beginning of a nightmare with an unrealistic end. The girl managed to pass her nine months and gave birth to her baby on May 12th, 1949. 

The Time

Genevieve got admitted into St. Mary’s Mercy Hospital in Gary, Indiana. Finally, the day had arrived that was going to mark a big change in her life. She was nervous and excited both. But what concerned her the most at that time was what she was going to name her child.

Margaret Ann

She wondered for some moment and came up with the name Margaret Ann. There is a very good reason why she chose this name. One of her teachers in high school was named Margaret Ann. The woman had made a great impression on her for her indomitable nature. The woman who was afflicted with polio never let her life hampered by this. She decided to name her kid after her teacher it happens to be a girl.


Before going for delivery the hospital staff made her sign a paper. As the woman was quite young they feared complications in delivery. The paper, according to Genevieve was a directive in case she dies or fails to care for the child. She signed it without raising any objection. After that, she was taken to the labor room.

Not Yet?

It was a normal delivery. Genevieve had given birth to a girl.  It seemed that the ordeal was over for Genevieve but no, there was more to her bad luck. Shortly after the delivery, she learned that her baby had died a few moments after her birth. It was a big blow for her. She kept her in her womb for nine months fighting people’s bitter remarks only to hold her baby.