One doesn’t have to be an animal lover to empathize with other species. All it takes is a common understanding of others’ pain. The ability to know the right time to act upon a certain thing is what mankind needs today.

Suppose you are doing what you’ve planned. And all of a sudden something distracts you to an extent that you not only fail to go ahead with the plan but also turns the plan upside down. A group of people was busy in their own work when they heard noises from a nearby dumpster. At that moment they left everything aside and did the right thing. But their good deed is just the beginning of the story. What was hiding inside the trash is the breathtaking part.

A Team Effort

It was pre-decided to clean up the neighborhood area that day. The people of that locality used to conduct one such cleanup program once a week. Previously they never needed to do anything as the entire area always remained neat and clean. However, from the past few months, they started noticing that their surroundings were quickly turning into a dumping zone. Obviously, no one would like to live in an unhygienic environment and that’s how the people came up with the idea of weekly cleaning. 

Efforts Paid Off

Concerned people gave their names to volunteer for the cleaning up process and within a month the situation started to look better. After noticing the improvement they decided to make it a monthly thing instead of weekly. So, it was one such weekly clean-up day and this time Craig McGettrick decided to help but who knew he will be embarking on a confusing journey that will lead to a surprising discovery.

Armed To The Teeth

So, Craig wore his gloves and took a huge bag and a shovel to clean up all the mess that has been all around. Everyone was assigned different areas to deal with. He started with the roadside trash and then reached to the backside lane of his own house. Looking at the area that he was assigned, Craig assumed it was going to be a long and tiring day.

Get Set Go

Craig pulled back his sleeves and started by picking up the broken pieces of glass, wood, and useless cardboard. He was working with a lot of energy and thought he’ll finish the assigned job within an hour or two and then help his friends with their areas as well. Little did he know by then that he won’t be able to finish his own work.

The Search

He was separating garbage from a pile of discarded rubbish. He was supposed to bring everything to a nearby pickup location from where the other assigned team member will take it further. He started with small pieces and left the huge ones for later half. At last, it was time to pick up the biggest useless piece lying there; an old torn mattress.

The Old Mattress

This big size mattress was giving Craig a hard time. As he tried to pull it, he realized there was a something inside this mattress that was making a weird sound. He left what he was doing to look inside it. After following the noise, he noticed teeny tiny black puppies, wrapped around each other inside the torn mattress. His mind was filled with so many thoughts but not even once did he think that these weren’t puppies.