Dogs aren’t just cute but they are extremely intelligent too. They can understand the intentions of the other person which most people fail to understand. They are not just “the adorable pets”, they are compassionate too. They are great with kids and often take care just like the baby’s parents. Eric, the protagonist of the story too used to adore dogs until one day his life changes forever when he stumbles upon an abandoned pitbull with a note tied to a tree.

Meet Eric Maus

Eric Maus was a screenwriter by profession and stories would often take him to places. Whenever he used to get time, he would pack his bags and go on a trip to find stories. He used to live his life to the fullest and do whatever he wanted to do. But no matter what we can’t fulfill all our desires. And there was one particular desire that was always on his wishlist but he wasn’t able to fulfill it.


He was always the person who used to live in the moment and would never leave any of his desires unfulfilled. But then what was that one desire that he wasn’t able to fulfill and why? He always liked the idea of adopting a dog but due to his frequent travels, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to take care of the pooch.


Pooches are no doubt the cutest of all the pets and everyone wants to have one. But then they are huge responsibilities too. Just like a baby, they need attention, care, and love. But most of the time, people fail to understand these small things and buy or adopt a pooch without thinking. As a result of this, the pooches can get depressed and they may run away from the house.


 Whenever he used to see a dog with its owner he would feel bad because he couldn’t have one. There were times when he even went to the pet shop but used to return empty-handed. This would often make him sad. Often he used to volunteer in the local shelters and this would give him peace. Would he never adopt a dog of his own?

Finding Ways

Eric wasn’t a person who would sit hand-held, he had to find a way and luckily he even found it out too. He knew he couldn’t leave his job because he loved it but at the same time the desire of having a dog only increased. So one day he was talking to a vet and he suggested Eric an idea which made him jump out of the joy. What he might have suggested?

The Part-Time Job

Being a full-time screenwriter wasn’t an easy job in Brooklyn and his job was getting in his way to adopt a pooch. So he started working as a part-time dog walker. This allowed him to have different dogs and also their responsibility wouldn’t come over his shoulder. Dogs too seemed to love him and used to enjoy his company. That day too he was walking his “clients” on a Monday morning when he saw something heartwrenching. What he might have seen?