Rudi Schlattner along with his his family members left their Czechoslovakian home after World War II ended. As they escaped the encroaching Soviets, the had no choice but to begin a new life. Rudi, now well into his 80s decided to go back and explore his former family home. Their old family home had been transformed into a kindergarten turning it into something completely different from what it was. Rudi was still very determined to go back and discover a hidden treasure lying dormant in the house.

The house had undergone roof refurbishments, leading to concerns that the secret treasures might not still be hidden in the roof

The image above shows how the home looks like in the modern day. Rudi Schlattner was just a kid living his everyday life before his family had to flee. The building has been home to a various other families since the Schlattner family said their goodbyes.

Full Of Expectations

Thrilled: Rudi Schlattner was forced to flee the family home as part of a mass expulsion of Germans from Czechoslovakia

Rudi wanted to go back and revisit his old home for two basic reasons: to hopefully find old family heirloom and valuable plus he wanted to see what all had changed. Although the school is now a full-fledged kindergarten, he was full of hope.

Spotting Something No One Noticed

After knocking on the wooden panels in the loft, Mr Schlattner found a small piece of string hanging from one of the panels. When he pulled it, a set of shelves were revealed, containing the long lost secret possessions

When Rudi finally made his way into the old house, he went to the attic, then approached a loose board with a string tied to it. This had never been noticed by the others before. It was clear that he knew exactly where he wanted to look, that his memory was still fresh.

Lucky For Him

Now in his 80s, Rudi contacted municipal officials in the village of Libouch in north-western Czech Republic who now use the family home as a kindergarten

Rudi was hoping and praying that what he was looking for would still be there as he pulled on the string of the wood-board. Lucky for him, behind that board lay multiple items that Rudi’s family left behind during the war.

His Family Treasures

Lost wonders: Mr Schlattner is reportedly not bitter over the fact that his family's treasures cannot be returned to him and promised to help with identification of the objects, although his health is not good

Rudi’s family had to flee abruptly due to the Soviets invading the are where they resided. However, just before they fled, Rudi’s father kept some of these items in the strong of hope of one day returning to recollect them.

In A Tiny Space

New home: Mr Schlattner's lost treasures will now be held in a museum in the town of Usti nad Labem as the Czech government's rules dictate that all German property left behind is now owned by the state

Although they were kept in such a small compartment, nothing went missing. It is so unbelievable that so much could fit inside a small space right?