Think of the days when you took up a challenge and you end up doing completely well. In addition to the completion of the challenge, you do something extraordinary that people would remember you for years to come. Accepting a challenge pushes your limits and helps you grow in a positive direction. Sometimes, a challenge could bring you something other than just a name. Here is a story of a man named Stefano Mariottini, who discovered something astonishing in the process of proving himself to his family.

A Chemist

Stefano Mariottini who was a chemist by profession had a keen interest in traveling and scuba diving. He wanted to be a scuba diver from a young age but his dream of becoming one crashed due to society’s norm of “making money” and having a “good job”. 

Need For A Break

Mariottini was tired of his daily routine of selling medicines and other medical products so he thought of going on a vacation. He really needed a break from his monotonous and not so happening life and explore the underwater world. 


Stefano decided to halt a little and take a break so that his life could be refreshed. The place he chose to go to was Calabria which is famous for the coastline and the mountains. What attracted him the most was the sandy beaches. Without having a second thought, he scheduled his trip to Calabria.

The Second Thought

Though Stefano was sure that he would go to Calabria, he was demotivated by his family. His family members doubted his skills and wanted him to stay back. Nevertheless, he rebelled every time he was passed on a comment regarding his skills. 

Packed Up

He was all fed up by the comments and demotivation that was being passed by his own family members. He had zero tolerance levels left. At last he had an argument with his family, the very same night he left for Calabria. 


On reaching Calabria, the first thing he did was to book a hotel. To his dismay, he could not find a room with single occupancy. He had an option to share with a man double to his age. He agreed to stay with him for a night because he was badly waiting for the next day to come.