A New Plan

Even though she would read and try to get him to notice what she was doing, Zoe’s efforts failed. He was not giving her the time of the day, he did not even give any attention her way. Despite her efforts, he certainly did not notice her. Zoe knew then that there was a need to do something more. She then opted towards wearing fancier clothes dropping her old boring office attires…

A Better Way

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Even after changing up her wardrobe, Zoe was still not getting what she wanted. The mystery man still did not even notice her, not to mention didn’t even look her way. He still continued to ignore her. So what was she to do now? All of her efforts were failing and so Zoe needed to look for a better option to try and get closer to him. She desperately needed to talk to him.

Who Is He?

It was sad for Zoe because even though she did not intend to do so, she was falling in deep. She quickly discovered that she was growing more in love with him as each day went. She was bummed out that her few attempts to somehow get his attention all failed. The mystery man did not even know that she existed. He was too involved with his books to even notice that this lady was in love with him.

More Effort

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Zoe had tried to grab the guy’s attention by reading books in the train and also dressing up fancy. However, her effort all went in vain because he was still not looking at her or speaking to her. She now understood that it was time she made the move! She was getting impatient because she needed to be closer to him and not be strangers. Her next move was something really unbelievable…

What A Move

A lot of time had passed by after she developed the crush on the mystery guy from the train. Since she could not get the guy to talk to her or even notice her, Zoe had to pull all stops and do something drastic. So what did she go and do? Well, since desperate times called for desperate measures, Zoe wrote a note to the guy inviting him for a drink with her number on it.

Finally Handing Him

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But how did she manage to give this note to him? Well, you could say that Zoe summoned all her courage to try and hand it over to the guy. So was she able to do this herself? Well. one day as she was getting off the train, Zoe then gave this note she had written for him to the stranger… This was definitely a brave move to have been done by her. But was it going to be enough?