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It’s not necessary that kids learn from their own experiences, as they also learn from each and every person they come across. It can be stories from grandparents, games from siblings, slangs from people on the streets, and much more. If kids are close to anyone in the family or friends who have been diagnosed with NPD or shows traits of it, then they’re most likely to get the same manipulative behaviors.

Bringing our attention towards the evidence, The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital states, “a genetic predisposition and other biological or biochemical factors may be linked to NPD.”

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It’s not anyone’s fault if they fall for a narcissist. Many times psychologists have admitted that mostly NPD patients have this amazing personality, one that makes them stand out of the queue. Their concern to present themselves at their best gives this touch of uniqueness to personality. This helps them in manipulating people for their own benefits and more.

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People need to know NPD a lot and those who are dealing with NPD patients are supposed to maintain a balance between being strict and friendly from time to time. Mostly, NPD patients aren’t in the worst situation that they’ll have to be admitted to the asylum rather there are other ways to get someone over from their NPD personality.

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Not all the narcissists react in the same manner, ie, NPD patients don’t act similarly. Either the patient will act with a lot of positivity or completely devalued depending on their regular behavior. People diagnosed with NPD have to deal with mixed emotions and the same goes for their families.

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NPD patients are not problematic as long as their actions don’t harm others. Like most of them have a competitive nature and that is good at a professional level. According to Dr. Craig Malkin, narcissism involves “seeing yourself through slightly rose-colored glasses. It lets you dream big but not at the expense of relationships, and it helps you persist in the face of failure.” He further adds, “they often feel like their pain is deeper than other people’s pain, their feelings are more important and nobody has suffered the way they have.”

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It is usually understood that NPD patients treat or at least think of themselves as superior to the rest. But that’s not the case every time, as they may have reasons hidden deep in their minds which lead to such behaviors. “Underneath it all, they have tremendous insecurities and a fear of being rejected or abandoned. They have a very difficult time attaching to people,” explains Dr. Tony Ferretti a licensed psychologist.