Small Entrance

One side of the hull of the ship has a small crack, which can be thought of as the entrance. But the crack is too small for a boat to enter in it. So, George decided to take a Kayak instead. No matter how difficult the conditions, George was going to make it inside the ship and find out what all it actually comprises of. 

The Locals

If the locals see a ship standing in the middle of the sea, they ought to explore the ship in the hope of some treasures. Similar was the case with Empire Strength. Soon after the ship was abandoned in the sea, locals tried their best to invade it and look at what all the ship had.


Whatever the ship owned was taken away by the locals in no time. But what was it then that made George come to the decision of going inside the Empire Strength? And it was not just his going inside but also what he found out that made all the difference. 

No Stopping

Despite the thick coat of rust that covers the ship, George continued with his plan of discovering the grand vessel. He stepped into his Kayak and started with his journey in the Black Sea. And he had prepared for his endeavor like no one else ever has. 

The Preparation

Marvell had been planning his excursion to the Empire Strength for a very long time. He had set a camera on his helmet from which he had decided to record the whole trip. He rented the Kayak, and needless to mention, he was an expert in Kayaking.


Normally, after a ship is rust coated and so old, nobody bothers to go inside it after it has passed so many years of being at the same place. The locals did not really bother much about the ship. They had gotten used to its presence. But George was different. He had a special reason for why he made the specific decision.