The world still goes crazy for this 49-year-old actress, Jennifer Aniston as her beauty is so admirable. She is admired because of her skills that kept her skin from aging when she’s about to touch 50. Teens and young ladies look at her as an example. People follow her lifestyle including her diet, yoga routines, and much more. Most of us generally think that actresses and models have quite expensive means of maintaining their make-ups, Jen’s idea stood out of the league. Recently, Jennifer’s lipstick hack is the new trend followed by ladies of all ages. The actress is usually seen with nude lip colors with a slight shine on them which completely matches her looks.

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If you use lipsticks you might know very well about the tissue hack to remove access lipstick and for a more even looking lip color. We all have learned this trick from our moms of grabbing a tissue after applying lipstick. Although Jen’s idea is simpler and effective than our tissue tricks.

It started with an A-list make-up artist, Jillian Dempsey who has worked with Jennifer Lawrence, Kirsten Dunst, Emilia Clarke and Kate Winslet. She uploaded a picture of Jennifer, posing to the camera when she was in the middle of her lipstick hack. “This is how we prep for long lasting lipstick that doesn’t bleed,” Dempsey mentioned in the caption of Jen’s picture.

Jennifer’s make-up artist, Jillian revealed the simple trick to get a lasting lipstick, and that will happen when you use a blotting paper or rice paper to be more specific. Instead of biting it as we do with a tissue, we just need to pout and leave on the lips and can get our lasting colors.

“I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s lipsticks, they’re my new favorites. I use a lipstick and then put a gloss over the top. There is always a lip gloss and a concealer in my handbag,” the actress once said in her interview.