Iraq Deployment

After constant training, it was finally in the year 2007 that Josh was deployed in Baghdad that was the Iraqi capital. He was one of those lucky survivors who fought the Iraq War and headed back to home, the U.S safely. But this journey wasn’t a cakewalk. He had to go through a lot.

The Attack

It would have only been three months into the war that while returning to the base camp, Josh was attacked. An explosion took place on the other side of the wall but the impact was so high that Josh had rocks hitting him hard. He ran to save himself, but it was quite late. And he suffered an injury that somewhere had impacted all his life.

Brain Injury

Josh tried his best to reach to the concrete bunker but before he could do so a huge rock had given him a severe brain injury. His situation initially was critical, but as they say, soldiers fight all the odds and Josh battled it with it as well. While people thought that he was all fit now, none really knew that it was only temporary relief.

Disease Undiagnosed

Josh Marino was immediately sent to the boot camp hospital. His head injury though recovered after days, none could sense how that had impacted this war-veteran. Things weren’t as good as they appeared. Later, in a report, Marino said, “In the Army If you don’t look like you’re injured, there must not be anything wrong.”

Not Right

 Josh Marino did his part in Iraq War and in the year 2008, he returned to Ft. Riley in Kansas. However, by now Josh was sure that something was terribly wrong with him. His head would ache and he somewhere had some anxiety kind of feels. Things were really wrong and soon when they’ll unfold, life would not be like this anymore.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Josh was one of the preys to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). After every war, he would be hit with trauma. The trauma caused due to witnessing the widespread devastation and damage caused by war. It was a disorder that changed his life in such a dramatic way that he seems to approach his near end.