Imagine a day waking up to a lottery ticket and surprisingly you realize that the same lottery ticket eventually won. Happy? Rather over the moon? Of course, anyone will be. Being so lucky that you actually were able to achieve something that you never thought of, will leave anyone amongst us surprised, yet happy. Not everyone is that lucky. And those who are, surely have a great luck playing at their end.

Something similar happened to this man when he finds a $10,000 cheque in his hands. But what he did with it was something that no one would ever probably even think of doing. Yet, that wasn’t all. How a small piece of paper with just some numbers changed his life forever will leave you wondering.

Indigent Soul

Elmer Alvarez is one man who was wishing for things many of us take granted for. For a long time, he was living out on the streets with an impecunious pocket. He looked shabby and wore torn clothes. Undoubtedly, he had a tough life. He had to beg for making a living. Nothing came easily to him. For every single penny, he had to fight his bad luck.

A Blessing

Elmer was never sure whether he would be able to feed himself with a meal on any day of his life. His meals were unpredictable. Some days he got food for twice a day and there were days when he had to sleep all hungry stomach. He was a victim to circumstances and it was getting hard for him to survive. But, as they say, G0d is there to shower his choicest blessings on you. And one morning something happened.

Unbelievable Piece

As winter was approaching, Elmer was worried about whether he would be able to make it through the freezing cold weather or not. The snow freezing winter was a hard challenge for him. Surprisingly, one morning when Elmer woke up, he saw a cheque amounting rupees $10,000 lying on the park bench where he was sleeping. What he does with it was something no one who would have been in his shoes would have done.

A Lucky Break

For Elmer, it was a usual day. He was just thinking about how will he arrange for his food today when he saw that cheque. For a second, Elmer did not pick it up thinking that may be any trespasser would have left it there and would just soon pick it up. He even had this thought that someone’s eyes might catch him when he picks it up. But, after a while, he picks it up and could not believe his eyes that he got such a lucky break.

Life-Changing Money

For any man who lived in such poor and harsh conditions, finding a cheque worth $10,000 must be a great deal. The money was enough to change his life forever. At least this sum of money could get him a warm place to sleep. Undoubtedly, he was happy to find such a beautiful surprise that morning, but something bothered him. Will he be able to take the money, that really didn’t belong to him?

 A Big Step

While the very first thought that would come up to any one of us would be that Elmer would keep the money. After all, he was in desperate need of one. The money could fetch him food, some warm clothes and most importantly a roof over his head. Surprisingly, Elmer decided to not keep this money. He did not take the cheque he found lying next to him. Why? What stopped him from taking such a huge amount?