Meeting Adam

Alexander had always been the person to decide what goes in and out of their pawn shop. He had always been careful in selecting stuff that was bought or sold. He knew what worked by now since he had taken over the family business for quite some time now. And when the homeless man came in, he was beyond surprised. The man on the right is Adam who is homeless.

To Earn A Little

So although there had been many people who come in and out daily to Alexander’s shop, Adam was a standout. He would often bring in whatever interesting items he could gather on the street to Alexander. The homeless man would occasionally do this in the hopes of getting a few bucks to buy himself food for the day. He just needed cash to get by his daily needs…

A Dumpster Diver

And so if Adam was a homeless person, then how come he could bring in items several times? Where was his source of finding these items that he would sell to the store? Well, it turns out, Adam would get a majority of the items that he sells by dumpster diving. He would go around the streets and dig through dumpsters to hopefully find something worth selling.

One Fine Day

And so since he comes often, Alexander already knows the reason for Adam coming in with all these items. Since he knows that Adam is homeless, he would always spare a couple of dollars every time he enters the store to sell items he finds. And so since Adam had always come to the store so many times, he was bound to get lucky,right? Well, what he sold to Alexander one day was incredible.

In A Dumpster

So as we had already mentioned, Adam would often dig through dumpsters to find something worth selling among the pile of trash. He would manage to find items that were good enough to buy to him his daily meal. But nothing was ever valuable enough to allow him to earn more. One day while he was dumpster diving, he stumbled upon a pretty picture that caught his attention.

The Bambi Picture

So what exactly did he find in the dumpster? What Adam found that day was something that was pretty enough for him to stop everything and take it. The picture he saw was a classic scene from Disney’s Bambi movie which Adam immediately took and went to Curiosity Inc to sell. He had no clue if this would be worth anything or not, he just found it pretty.