Living For Adventure

Zachary Anderegg has always been an adventurous guy. He likes to live in the moment and little he knew, one moment was there waiting for him to change his life forever. He is a passionate hiker and mountain climber and if not found in his home then there is a possibility you could find him hiking in Arizona or the southern Utah slot canyons. It was one of these days when Zachary discovered something that changed his life forever.Slot canyons of northern Arizona are one of the favorite places of Zachary and he often visits the place to clear his head and if he has to make some important decisions in his life. But this date, June 20, 2010, which he will never forget in his lifetime, changed the course of his life.

All The Good Vibes

He reached the slot canyons of northern Arizona and he could feel that something was different. Every step he took bought him closer to his destiny. He decided to hike on a different route that day which wasn’t his style when it comes to hiking. The regular hikers always choose to hike on the same route but Zachary felt that he needs to explore the other side which he has always thought of and it was the destiny reading the script. Soon he will discover something that he hasn’t thought of.

Let There Be Light

Zachary kept going inside before he could realize how deep he has already come. He could feel the hotness around him and the sweat made his grip loose and that was it, he lost control of his grip and when he thought about falling deep in the canyon, his feet touched the ground and the sky was clear now from all the clouds that covered the sun before. Now, the sunlight found the way through the darkness and Zachary was able to see that he was surrounded with rocks. But when he thought this was the deepest he could go, he saw a little opening. And he could see that there was something deep down there. What was it?

An Abandoned Dog

So, what Zachary saw from the above and the source of the noise was a dog. He was shocked to see a dog in a place like this. The dog wasn’t in pain but was definitely feeling lonely. The dog wasn’t looking very well, Zachary could easily see that.

Going Back

This time Zachary was fully prepared and bought all of his gears with him in order to take the dog with him. He knew how much time all the hiking took the last time he visited, so he didn’t delay and went to the canyon the moment the sun rose. He was determined to save the dog and nothing could stop him in doing that. Eventually, he met the dog again.