Sometimes we got to do what is right no matter what it takes and whatever the world may think of it. When a high school student found a secret room he couldn’t believe his eyes for a moment. The contents he saw inside the room were confusing him, he didn’t understand what all of it was here and for what purpose? Carolyn Collins was the only person who was aware of this secret room. What was she hiding inside? Why she has to hide anything at all? The discovery made it a topic worth discussion throughout the school as well as the whole city. Nobody thought that when a dreadful situation will appear in front of Carolyn she’ll tackle them in the way she did.

A Hidden Door?

Tucker High School, is the only public school in Tucker, Georgia. Although the school seemed to be like an ordinary one what was going on wasn’t normal at all. In every school, there are certain rooms where students aren’t allowed to enter without permission. Unlike other schools, Tucker high school’s cafeteria was hiding a secret room. A few months back nobody knew anything about this room but from quite some time students were talking about some mysterious place in the campus. None had any valid proofs that any secret place existed in the school. Therefore, they used to think of it as a rumor. 

Existed In Reality

The so-called rumor wasn’t going to remain a rumor for too long. As the room actually existed but was never in use. But now it was regularly being used for some unknown reasons. The room was behind the cafeteria food counters. A place where students don’t go. Only cooks and janitors go behind the counters. But one room behind the counter was only opened by Carolyn Collins. No, the room wasn’t assigned to her yet she was using it, for what? The reason was still a mystery.

A Fedup Boy

A school student was tired of his present life. He wanted help but didn’t know whom he should ask or where he should go. The teen was desperately in need of some rest and peace of mind. He didn’t have a proper meal for more than a week. He was sitting in his class but was unable to focus on the physics concept his teacher was explaining on the whiteboard. He could’ve dozed off anytime in the middle of the class but was aware that how much of a bad impression it’ll make on everyone else. So, he stayed and waited for the class to get over. The reason for his situation was heartbreaking.

One Glance And Understood

He was certainly going through some hard time. Anyone could tell how messed up he was inside his head just by looking at his face. But what could anyone do about it? He himself felt awkward in sharing his problem with anyone. Mostly teenage is a confusing time when everyone goes through some ups and downs. However, this teen’s issue was not just an age trouble but something much bigger than usual teenage problems. 

A Homeless Kid

The kid was homeless. He had nowhere else to go. After the class was over he took a break from the next class and went to the cafeteria. There was too much noise to handle or to take a quick nap. He was now getting used to all the noises and disturbances as that’s his past month went by. A while back he was an active student, not the dull types. Staying always attentive during the class and always completing his assignments on time. Unlike now, all his work was pending and he didn’t have the complete notes on him. 

A Big Concern

A recent study has stated that on an average 1 in 7 kids of the age group 10-18 runs away from their homes. In fact, the age group of 12-17 have a higher risk of homelessness than adults. Running away from home is not the only reason why many kids end up on the streets every day, the financial crisis of the family is one big cause for it. This has become a major issue for several developed countries. Also, 75% of homeless or runaway youth eventually drops out of the school.  Yet this guy was trying hard to continue his attempts.