Chemotherapy is the most widely known treatment for Cancer. The term refers to the medications that inhibit cancer cells from growing, dividing, and further spreading. The process involves killing the dividing cells which are only possible with the help of a lot of drugs.

However, it cannot be effective in every cancer patient’s case depending on the stage of cancer. Also, it has many side effects you should be aware and in this article, we’ve tried to cover each and every aspect related to Chemotherapy.

What Is Chemotherapy?

ChemotherapyCancer leads to the reproduction of cells in an unstoppable manner, as too many cells are produced, they seize more space replacing the valuable cells. Chemotherapy is the method to cure cancer with use of cancer-destroying drugs. The treatment includes steadily replacing cancer-cells and preventing the cells from spreading any further. 

How Does It Work?

During chemo, either a single drug is used or a mixture of drugs. These drugs are either directly delivered straight into the patient’s bloodstream to focus on the cancer cells on the complete body or targeted to the exact cancerous body parts.

What Does It Do?

Chemo destroys the enzymes and hormones that cancer cells require to grow and divide. Now this eventually kills the cancer cells as their food source is destroyed and the tumor is left to starve and when nothing is left the cancer cells die, this process is known as apoptosis.

What To Expect?

Chemotherapy affects our body much more quickly than cancer does. The main cause behind it is that the drugs used in chemo don’t just target the cancer cells but also the healthy cells. As chemo has proven to be a life-saving therapy for many, cancer patients are ready to bear the side effects as long they’ve slightest hopes of getting rid of this destructive disease.

How Long Does It Take?

An oncologist is the one who tells how many chemotherapies are required. It is a regular routine to be followed for quite a period of time that can last up to months. A whole plan is made for the treatment sessions and dates are fixed on the basis of the patient’s condition. Chemo could be done once in a week or twice as well depending on what will suit best to the patient on the basis of his/her cancer stage.

What’s The Process?

Cancer patients need a psychologist or counselor at times to deal with the mental and emotional stress that they undergo. Blood tests are required very frequently to evaluate the patient’s health and to be certain that the patient’s immune system is able to handle the side effects or not. Like, blood test helps the doctors to check for any liver problem. In case, the liver is getting affected by the therapy, it will be stopped till the time the liver is healed.