Tim Duncan – MMA

tim duncan retired nba career mma auto body shop

This might be the weirdest retirement choice on our list. San Antonio Spur legend Tim Duncan has now found a passion as an MMA fighter after he retired. He is currently just training but his trainer has revealed that Duncan is “a monster” and “a legit contender.” As he waits for his MMA career to begin, Duncan is a busy man as he runs BlackJack Speed Shop, an auto body shop that was opened in 2013.

Greg Oden – Student

greg oden retired nba career ohio state student
The Portland Trailblazers chose Greg Oden to be the first overall pick in 2007 having high hopes for him. His career ended up being heavily injury-riddled and so Oden could only play 23 games and retired with chronic foot problems. As his professional balling career got over, he turned towards academics. Working at Ohio State as the student managers of the men’s basketball team, he now has a second career.

Adrian Dantley – Crossing Guard

adrian dantley post nba career crossing guard
This is definitely a shocking job on our list. Adrian Dantley after his 15-year NBA career got inducted into the Hall of Fame. In 2010, Dantley, after working as a coach, decided to take up a job as a crossing guard. The low profile job allegedly pays Dantley $14,000 a year, so this is definitely not a job he took for the money. He loves to help others and his job also provides health benefits so he does not complain.

Detlef Schrempf – Coldstream Capital Management

detlef schrempf retired nba career independent wealth management
In college, Detlef Schrempf studied International Business. He then had a smooth run of 16-years as an NBA player. He made use of his degree and held a job at Coldstream Capital Management as a business development officer. On top of his 9-5, Schrempf does acting too. He has a recurring role in ‘Parks and Recreation’ and it shows how comfortable he is in front of the camera.

Brandon Roy – High School Basketball Coach

brandon roy retired nba career trailblazers high school coach
There were speculations that Brandon Roy would get to enjoy a Hall of Fame NBA career but his knee injuries stopped this from happening. Roy’s knee did not fully recover so he decided to run after a career in broadcasting but failed. In 2016, Roy took a job as the head boys basketball coach at Nathan High School. He scored a perfect 29-0 on his first season and received the Naismith High School Basketball Coach of the Year Award.

Shandon Anderson – Vegetarian Restaurant Owner

shandon anderson retired nba career thai vegan restaurant
The most memorable moment of Shandon Anderson’s NBA career was when he won an NBA Championship as a role player for the 2006 Miami Heat. After retiring, he went back to school and studied to become a vegetarian chef, in the hopes of owning a restaurant. He did an internship at Candle 79, one of New York most famous vegan restaurants. He soon opened his own joint, Drink Art in Atlanta that unfortunately closed after a year in business.