Your skin type determines what moisturizer or beauty care method to apply. Additives to your beauty routine should come without side effect and change your looks.

Naturally, chocolate is a cocoa product that is filled with powerful antioxidants. These active ingredients ensure glowing facial and body skin. However, people use do-it-yourself (DIY) methods to add chocolate to their beauty routine. More so, it’s beneficial to get a well-hydrated skin with infused-chocolate.

Choose Dark Cocoa Powder

The percentage of cocoa in your chocolate is key to determining its usage. Choose dark chocolate because they are rich in antioxidants and flavonols. However, chocolate with at least 60% cocoa allows the diffusion of magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, and other essential minerals into your skin.

Allow Sufficient Penetration

Chocolate is eaten as a snack and as dessert. Adding chocolate to your beauty routine in moderation is not rocket science because there are tips to actualize this. However, a common rule of this application is allowing the cocoa ingredients stay on your skin for long to allow the ingredients to seep into your skin.

Clear Blemishes

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Instead of alkalized chocolate, use natural cocoa powder to clear blemishes and spots. However, you can mix some homemade dark chocolate with your skincare spot remover and glow your skin.

Used As Facial Mask

Use as a facial mask and exfoliate your skin. Add lukewarm water to about 60 grams of powdered chocolate to make a paste. The polyphenols in the paste on your skin cells can repair them.

As Bath Scrub

Aging is a natural process that causes skin cells to wear and result in wrinkles. However, a simple home-made chocolate scrub can do the magic. For seamless exfoliation; add a tablespoon of sea salt to the cocoa powder and water. Adding a tablespoon of raw milk to this mixture is also beneficial.

Chocolate Wax For Tanning

Apart from the summer sun for tanning, chocolate wax can do the magic. Beauty enthusiasts advise the application of sunscreens while tanning. However, mixing chocolate with essential oils on your skin can clear a horrid tan.