It won’t be the first time that you hear an old lady petting a cat. Almost all of us have owned a pet and if not, probably our friends, relatives or the next door neighbor has an adorable dog or cat residing with them. The way those kitties and pups stare at us, their gleaming eyes and that wagging tail. It all is enough to steal our heart.

Well, not everything goes as perfect as it might appear to be. And something like this happened to Eric Hertlein’s grandmother. All the while the woman thought her new pet is a cat and when her grandson visits her to play with her new cat, he was completely astonished to realize that it wasn’t a cat all. It was something beyond imagination.


Eric was taken aback. All the way he had been thinking of being greeted by a cat, but this was everything but not a cat. He was baffled that how could his grandmom call it a cat. It had fur, a tail, four legs but it wasn’t a kitty for sure. It was something not that domestic.

What Am Seeing

Eric recalls, “I remember that granny said to me that she had housed a new cat who was way too adorable. But, this doesn’t look like a cat to me. Is she mistaken or am I seeing something else?” “Had she been taking care of this creature assuming it to be a cat then granny needs to beware”. What had the old lady been petting since that long?

Love For Grandma

Eric Hertlein is a young boy in his twenties. He is a resident of Kansas. He lives with his parents while his grandmother lives in a house separate from theirs. Eric and his grandma share a very special bond, more than being her grandson the duo are friends like-who share everything. And when his grandmother told him that she got a new member to her family, Eric was excited to see who it was.

Holiday Ritual

Eric was occupied with his studies, but he made sure that during his Christmas break, he visits his grandma’s place and enjoy the festivity there. He was always enthusiastic about his visit to her place as there he had 2 more members waiting for him. Who were they?

Dear Kitties

Her grandmother had always loved stray animals. And while taking care of many such animals, she adopted two kitties. She even named them as, “Furry” and “Sasha”. She found these in the local community park on a wintery night. She opened the doors of her house to shelter them and provide them with warmth. Little did she know how this will change her life.

Freezing Cold

Kansas experiences a freezing to moderate winter. Nearly for six to eight weeks, the temperatures drop down to chilling cold. While people can find warmth in their house, the stray animals are left out in chilling cold. And the old lady couldn’t see them like that.