Writer In The Making

Eva was a different girl. She had her own choices and priorities. She had fewer friends yet was popular since she was studious. On being asked about what you want to be, other students used to tell that they wanted to be a business person, racer, banker and much more stuff. At that time she was busy scribbling, forcing her brain to eject something creative out of it.

Second Family

Friends, Eva’s second family was close to Eva. Dave, her childhood friend had a real big crush on Eva since the 6th grade. They both enjoyed each other’s company and used to write along. Charlie and Jenny were Eva’s secret keepers. The four entered a different zone when they used to be together, be it school or playground. She was afraid of losing these people after her dad.


Eva was a mature girl, aware of the limits and consequences of everything. She knew that Dave liked her and this was the reason she kept a healthy distance from him. Moreover, she never wanted to lose a friend like him as well. Moreover, she too had strong feelings for him but she chose to keep quiet, rather lied that she had no feelings for Dave.

The Driving Lessons

Dave was a good driver, he had been driving cars for the last 3 years. Eva though had a car but was not able to drive since her dad was reluctant to teach her. So, she asked Dave to give her lessons. Dave agreed on it and they both gave acceleration to a fresh story, which was yet to be made.

Fading Friendship

Eva was very sure about how much distance was to be made. She never made any move or gave any sort of assurance to Dave regarding her feelings. Dave, tired of asking her out, found a new girl and went along with her. Eva, on the other hand, kept all her feelings inside her and turned the ways out of Dave’s life. Their talks then were formalized and friendship was fading slowly.

Drive For Distraction

After having such a heartbreak, Eva used to be alone and used to drive a lot to change her surroundings. She used to drive a lot as she was finding new places her escape. Moreover, she could not tell all this to her father because he never was that close to her, in terms of sharing secrets and all. She drove as much as she could and found a special kind of affection with the car.