A Curious Mind

Patricia was never closely connected with her adoptive parents. But the thoughts of her birth parents and biological siblings always kept her awake throughout the nights. She didn’t even know if she had any brothers or sisters and she deserved to know the truth. And history repeated itself…

History Repeats ItselfPatricia Lofton, Oprah Winfrey

Everything comes at some cost to us and before Patricia could get the slightest of an idea about her family, she had to deal with her heartwrenching challenges. Unaware of her mother’s conflict, Patricia fell into a similar situation. Right after completing her schooling, when she must have been busy applying for several graduation colleges, Patricia got a bigger responsibility on her shoulders.

Pregnant Young Adult

Patricia was pregnant when she was a young adult and the father wasn’t supportive. As she already lived the rough life, she never even thought of giving up her baby. She wanted to do the right thing no matter what. In no possible ways, she was going to think of the adoption option for the unborn baby. At that time Patricia didn’t know that giving birth to a child will bring her closer to her biological family. But what was about to happen next was much more than anyone’s expectation.

Doing It The Right Way

It was quite clear that Patricia was going to become a wonderful mother. She named her daughter, Aquarius. She was so overjoyed and the tremendous feeling of being a mother lightened up the courage in her to look out for her family too. Not even in her wildest dreams, she had the idea that this discovery will shake her life forever.

Initial Attempt

Patricia Lofton was now 2o years old and was completely occupied with work, bringing up Aquarius and more. The hard working lady’s life was all happy, curiosity never died though. Once she even picked up all the documents of her adoption and started the research. But her priorities didn’t allow her to get to the point.

Little did she know that soon she’ll be revealing the truth that will worldwide attention on her.

Another ChildPatricia Lofton

Patricia Lofton was pregnant again. It was when her daughter turned 6 that she gave birth to a baby boy and named him Andre. Her kids were always her priority as she understood how any disturbances in a kid’s life can affect them throughout their lives. The lady started working for double shifts. She was determined to not repeat her parent’s mistake.