It’s Love

She even started liking going to her college more when she met a boy who took her heart away when she met him for the first time. In no time she had completely fallen for him. Eventually, Rachael mustered up all her courage and asked him out.  

The Proposal

It was perhaps the worst mistake she had made in her life. The boy rejected her proposal. The reason he gave was that the girl was too heavy to be taken out and be seen with. She said, “I liked him and he didn’t like me, he made it known that it was because of the way that I looked and that he wasn’t attracted to me because I was heavier.”

Bitter Truth

Despite the fact that the girl had a cool and lovable personality, the boy gave more value to her looks. Clearly, the only thing that the boy wanted was a pretty and a slim girl. Unfortunately, Rachael was too heavy to be qualified as his girlfriend. No need to say, being rejected on the basis of looks had shaken her to the core. Though the girl was sad, she decided to take the rejection as a challenge. She was going to make the boy regret his decision.

A New Year’s Resolution

Well, there came the New Year that gave her an opportunity to put her goals into action. She began with making a New Year’s Resolution. She aimed to lose weight as much as she can and to lead a healthier life. Thereafter, she bought herself running shoes. On the next day, she threw all the junk food she had into the trash. The girl had made up her mind. She was going to lose 139 pounds. Yeah, you heard it right! It was half of her body weight.   

Major Missing

Initially, the girl found some difficulty in fitting herself into her brand new healthy routine. No need to say her body that had become addicted to the sugar that she used to get from the soda now had been deprived of that her body was craving badly for that. But Rachael was too determined to break down. Instead of going back to her old love soda, she substituted it with Gatorade. Her efforts had started making difference!  

Cutting Down On Portions

Rachael had started noticing the benefits of her new lifestyle that made her more confident about her decision. She went a step ahead and began making her own meals at home whereas her friends would rely on taking out or food available in the canteen.