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Watermelon fruits are easily identified because of their sizes. They are red and juicy because of the high water content in them. However, the compound – amino acid arginine in watermelons helps in fat burning. Watermelons contain only 30 calories per 100 grams; their anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties are effective.


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Mushrooms grow in odd places apart from the soil. However, some mushrooms are poisonous while the edible types are tasty and contain low calories. By consuming a regular diet of chopped mushrooms with spices; you’ll enjoy some kilojoules that burn fat.


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Guavas are filled with soft and chewable seeds. Apart from the succulent sugary skin; guava contains fiber that triggers metabolism. With an active metabolic rate, this low glycemic index fruit helps you shed extra pounds of weight and prevent constipation.


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Pears are great fat burners with many nutrients and fiber that satisfy hunger. However, pears metabolize slowly and help your weight management. More so, pears regulate your cholesterol levels and prevent vitamin C deficiency.