We all have cravings. But with cravings comes calories and fats which can be really unhealthy if consumed on a regular basis. What if I tell you that you can indulge in your cravings AND have a healthy diet at the same time? You just need to take care of these 25 things and you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle along with consuming calories from time to time.

Gym And Diet Food

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These are not the answers honestly. Of course, going to the gym keeps the body in shape but doing that and clubbing it with the consumption of overpriced diet food products is not necessary. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle without shelling out so much money. These ways are easy to follow and will bring significant changes to your life.

Slow Down
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Yes, you are in a hurry to catch a morning bus or do not want to miss your favorite show but do not hurry when it comes to eating your food. Not only does the speed of your eating affect your intake but also the likelihood of you gaining weight. A study compared various eating pace and the result showed that people who eat fast are 115% more likely to be obese than people who eat slow! That is something to think about, ain’t it?

How It Works

So you obviously know how everything we do gets told to our brain right. Eating is no exception to this. The hormones that control consumption of food signal the brain about how much you are hungry or full. But these signals take about 20 minutes to reach the brain, so if you are gobbling up like crazy your brain will get the signal quite late and you’ll end up overeating. Slow eating can also reduce the calories you consume so always give time and take your time while eating.

Cook It Right

If you are one of those people who can cook themselves then here is a little something you can ensure to keep yourself healthy. Do not overcook your vegetables when you are steaming them. Also, it would be better to steam by closing the lid of the pot. This prevents nutrients’ loss when vegetables are simmering. You can simply blanch the vegetables too.

More Intake Of Water

I know you all know this but a reminder never hurts right. Water can do wonders for your body and your skin. It flushes out toxins and has no side effects. Round the clock hydration keeps you fresh and your skin smooth. 4 liters of water is the minimum you should consume in a day for best results.