Hanging Out Together

No doubt the two enjoyed each other’s company a lot and were amazingly happy about it. However, both of them were not ready to take their friendship to the next level. For Wendy, she recently had gotten over her long-term relationship and Dan was enjoying his carefree college life. They preferred it slow with occasional texting and going out. 

End Of The Friendship

They went on like this for six months. And one day their friendship came to an end when the two went for a dinner arranged by Dan. He took advantage of the event and asked Wendy if she was ready to enter into a relationship with him. Wendy was completely unaware of Dan’s intentions before he popped the question so naturally, she took a while to ponder before replying. Not surprisingly, she said yes!

Falling In love

They took no time in making their relationship official. They were the perfect match for each other that is what people around them would say. Needless to say, they were full of the joys of spring and were utilizing every single moment they had. Amidst of all this love and joy, Wendy took an unexpected decision that shocked Dan.  

Unexpected Decision

After years of blissful relationship with Dan, Wendy decided to call it off. She believed they were too young to continue this relationship. Whereas Dan was in no mood to let her go. He kept on persuading Wendy to change her decision but she did not budge. After a while, Dan too realized that before nurturing their relationship they needed to grow as an individual. So they remained apart for one and a half year. 

The Next Step

Well, even the distance and time could not keep them apart for much time. They came back together after figuring out what they actually wanted from their lives and decided to work on them by being on each other sides. Along with love they had the maturity and firmness in their relationship this time. In September 2016, they went a step ahead and got engaged under the Eiffel Tower.

Social Media Influencers

No need to say, Wendy and Dan, are head over heels in love with each other but they don’t let their affection come in the way of their work. Being social media celebrities they devote enough time to their work. The couple prefers working together not as individuals. It is because of their combined efforts they managed to reach heights of success.