Being a mother is the biggest happiness in any woman’s life. That feeling of holding the infant for the very first time is incredible. No happiness could match that level. Not everyone gets to experience that. The other options such as being a foster mother or adopting a child could decrease the chances of that sheer pain. An adopted child can also bring happiness to the lives of people. It is the bond that matters. Katie Page, a lady,  also decided to adopt children so that she could experience what being mother felt like, but, unlike any other adoption cases, she got to deal with the most mysterious one.

Katie Page

Katie Page was born in Alabama and was brought up in Denver. She was raised in an educated family and education is the first and foremost thing that Katie’s family emphasized. She did her schooling from a well-known school and pursued graduation with a scholarship. She was a scholar of her time.

Job Experience

Right after her graduation, she was followed by various job opportunities. Trying and testing her interests, she finally landed up doing what best suited her. She worked as an integrated services manager where she oversaw different projects and met different people.

Personal Life

Katie, as a teenager, never got any time to spare on what other girls were into, that is, establishing a romantic relationship. At that time, she thought it was just a wastage of time, rather, she loved to read books and imagine stuff being into a romantic relationship with any fictional character. The best part of her imagination was becoming a mother to a child. 


With eyes full of dreams, Katie headed towards her new life after getting married to a man who used to love her secretly during her school days. For her, it was an arranged marriage, but for the groom, his longed love interest promised to share her life with him. Everything was going on track until something drastic happened that flipped the lives of the two abruptly.

Becoming A Mother

Years after her marriage, Katie tried but failed to get pregnant. She faced a severe case of infertility which made her life a little depressing. She used to compare herself with other women of her age and crib about not having a baby of her own. This made her lose many of her friends and somehow affected her married life as well.


No matter how hard she tried, she was not content with the marriage just because she could not become a mother. All her insecurities, comparisons and cribbing made her husband take a big decision of getting separated. This came up as a huge shock to her but, finally, in 2014, they parted their ways.