“A dog is a man’s best friend”. Someone anonymous correctly stated the phrase. No matter how bad your mood is, by seeing a glimpse of your dog, you tend to forget all your worries and head on to have a walk or playing sessions with your dog. Dogs are the creatures that could turn our gloomy days into sunny and they do not understand lies that their master tells them. Dogs are the epitome of loyalty and love. Ignoring their pain, these species heal the human’s heart and soul. Karl, a dog with special powers, made something happen that restored the faith in humanity.

First Sight

Joanne Hart-Rittenhouse, a dog trainer, while choosing a dog to train, was mesmerized on seeing a dog crawling amongst five others. She found the little creature more attractive than any other so, she asked the authorities to bring the cute little puppy to her.

The Meeting

With his twinkling big eyes and shivering body, the puppy was brought to Joanne. In the very first meeting, Joanne decided to adopt that puppy. Before she could actually do it, she was told the truth about the dog, which made Joanna rethink her words.

The Puppy’s Secret

Joanna was brought into notice that the puppy she chose to adopt was a little special than any other puppies present there as this pup lacked something vital for any creature or species on this earth. The thing he was not blessed with was “the hearing power”.

Deaf Dog?

The pet shop authorities took a bold step and honestly told Joanna that the dog she was about to adopt was deaf by birth. Other than that, the dog was perfectly fine and if trained well, could respond like any other dog. This made Joanna silent for a while.

Thinking Again

Joanna, after knowing the fact, was a bit uneasy and not that confident about adopting the puppy. She took 5 minutes alone and thought that she had been training many dogs since she landed up in this course. Training a deaf dog would be challenging for her, but, she would get to learn more while doing so.

Took The Chance

The dog trainer stepped inside the pet house again and with full determination asked the authorities to shift the deaf dog to her place. She agreed to train a deaf dog. Her decision made authorities happy and they wished her good luck for the rest of the training sessions.