Making Plans

He had a long discussion with his wife about the same and thought of proposing a way to his son in order to make it up to him for the void that he had unknowingly created himself. He started scratching his head to think about what they could do together and then an idea clicked to him, and that was bound to be successful, he thought.


It was new year’s eve and he knew what exactly he had to gift his son which he thought he would not be able to say no to. He hoped that his son would happily accept it. So he started to wait eagerly for the eve. His wife was happily watching him put effort even when he had a tight schedule with thousands of meeting arranged every other day.

New-Years Eve

The much-awaited day finally came and Bret was excited to reveal the gift. So as the time approached everybody gathered around. He picked up the mic and announced about the road trip he would be taking along with his son Zach as he used to do when he was a kid. Would this help the duo rekindle their relationship?


When Zach heard the proposal he was overjoyed and readily accepted it. For him, it was just like revisiting his childhood. He thanked his dad for the thoughtful gift and the family toasted to their better future and prosperous new year. It was the much-needed gift in years and Zach was eagerly looking forward to it.

Revisiting The Past

Back in his school time whenever he had a vacation, he and his dad would go on a road trip on his bike. He would often tell Zach about his college time, what lessons he had learned over these years and how reality was different from what was portrayed in the books. Zach would love hearing about the stories. And today it was as if things were going to repeat.


As the day came to an end, Zach excitedly entered his room to start packing for the same. It was after so many years, he had got such a chance and was in no mood to miss it for annything. So they decided that they would head to Little Rock, Arkansas on the 15th of January. After dinner, they discussed their plan and started to track the roads.