Your backyard may be hoarding something precious or bizarre that you may have never thought possible to be found. Every one of us feels that we know our property and our space really well, but if you take a closer look, who knows, even your backyard could be holding onto something strange as this family did! This woman one day saw that there was a weird object in her backyard. She decided to dig it up and when she took a closer inspection, her expectations were blown away…

Is This A Relic?
Relic From The Past

And so when this lady found this item, she was incredibly shocked to learn that there was something this incredible lying in her own backyard. We have heard of some people discovering relics buried in their property and it is always a pleasant surprise. Even this woman was shocked to see this on her property as it was so unusual. But it was not something she expected it to be…

Sending Chills

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If ever you found something mysterious in your backyard, it would be the common step to take to try and find out what it is. Although this woman was a little weirded out to spot this item in her property, she knew she had to dig up and see for sure what it was. As soon as she picked it up and flipped it over, she got goosebumps. She realized that she was going to need some extra help right away…

A Historic Town
The Historic Town

This woman was right to have assumed that the item she found in her property was a relic from ancient times. Given the fact that the place she lived in was a historic market town of Bishop’s Stortford, England, there should be so many items left behind since it was a place of Roman settlement. It was then taken over by the Saxon community leading it to become an excavation spot for several Britons.

Quite Certain

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Since this was a place of settlement for the ancient Romans, there have been various incidents wherein ancient relics have been discovered in this village. So the lady had expected that even the same case had happened to her. Her property was more or less in the area where the Romans had lived in the past so she was certain that a relic or two was bound to be found.

Born And Bred
Born And Bred

So who is this lady who made an incredible discovery in her own backyard? Well, she is a 49-year-old named Lynne Garner. She is actually a nature enthusiast who is quite fond of the countryside. She was also raised in Bishop’s Stortford too. Since she enjoyed the place where she grew up quite a lot, she made a promise to herself that she would not live far away from it ever.

No Preparations

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Lynne was also a huge fan of the outdoors, so she was always out and about. She would go out so much that some would even joke saying that she knew this town like the back of her hand. In just a matter of years, she also became a non-profit organization’s founder. However, nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to find out that day…