The town was really small and so was its population. Neenah meant “water” in the vernacular language. It had a population of approximately 26,000 people. But then too in that small town, they were finding it hard to own a house of their choice.

Perfect House

After they had researched a lot and met almost every realtor in the town, they finally came across a house that interested them. So on a Sunday morning, they set out to see the house. All the way, their fingers were crossed and they were hoping it to be the way they had imagined. Would their search come to an end?


When they stepped out of the car, the family was awestruck with the size of the house that stood in front of them. As they stepped inside the house, they were totally amazed, it seemed to them as if the house was built and designed the way they wanted. When the realtor asked them if they would like to buy this house, they couldn’t just say no. They were immensely happy with their new house.

Analyzing The Place

The realtor told them every detail about the house but the place that intrigued the most to the family was the backyard. What was so special about the same? Maybe it looked really old and that’s what intrigued the new inmates. The most fascinating part of the backyard was the old hatch that was at the corner of the backyard. The family never tried to have a look inside the hatch because it was very dusty and filthy. So when they cleaned up the whole house they left the hatch as it was.

Finding A Home

Finally leaving all the fear behind, they moved to Neenah to start their new life. They were excited and made plans about how they would decorate their living rooms, kitchens, etc. Little did they know that the town was itself guarding a mystery that the family would unravel later.

Settling In

Once they moved into the house, they started to design the house the way they wanted leaving the hatch undisturbed in the backyard. Soon they had settled in it and continued with their daily life routines. It had been a week since they had settled into their new house and made new friends. In a blink of an eye, the weeks changed into months and months changed into years.