Why Romania

Amongst the entire globe, what made Ron and Natalie travel to Romania was a question all had. If they wanted, they could have adopted a child from an orphanage near their place then why did they choose to wait and fly overseas for that? Adoption was a tiresome and complicated legal procedure especially internationally back in the 90’s.  Still Romania, why?

Harsh Reality

For a reasonably long time, Romanian part of the world was under the dictatorship of Nicolae Ceauşescu. He for some unknown reason strictly banned the contraception in the country. And conclusively a large number of babies were handed over to the orphanage. This history made Ron and Natalie even more sensitive towards the orphan babies in this part of the world.

Door To Door

Nothing worthy comes easy and something similar was happening with the couple. They walked from door to door of different orphanages in search of the baby they desired. While some orphanages denied their proposal due to international adoption policies, there were others who did not feel like offering them theirs. At last, they reached the orphanage which would turn their lives upside down.

Last Resort

After searching almost a dozen orphanages, Ron and Natalie were distressed on not being able to find a baby. Their last hope was the orphanage that was situated by the side of the river Mures in Arad. When they reached that place, their initial reaction was of dissatisfaction. The appearance of the orphanage was displeasing. Finding a baby there was now questionable.

The Baby

Before even stepping into the orphanage the couple made up their minds that this place won’t serve them anything and thus did not expect much of it. And when they entered the space, they were truly mesmerized by the sight of a baby. The couple had an encounter with an adorable little girl. Her eyes spoke what her heart couldn’t. This made the couple sure of their next step.


The girl who caught their eyes was a one-year-old Rodica Lavinia Farcas. Her sparkling eyes and little hands melted their heart. Just then, Ron and Natalie decided that they would adopt this child and would give her their name. The moment, this couple was all set to sign the adoption papers an alarming incident took place.