Pain And Grief

Obviously, the couple was in immense pain and grief. Their dream of starting a family was next to impossible. Natalie had no control over her emotions and all she did was cry the entire day. Even Ron couldn’t concentrate on his work. He was worried about Natalie’s health and at the same time was himself desperate for having a child.

Regaining Strength

Only a childless couple can understand the pain Ron and Natalie were facing. The pain that came from the place they created in their hearts for a baby that never came. But as they say, time heals every wound and as time flew Ron and Natalie got over this pain. While a door closed, another one opened.

Other Options

The couple knew that all they wanted was to be parents. What if they can’t give birth to their own baby, this minute obstacle could not deprive them of the ultimate joy of parenthood. They started looking for other options for fertility. They thought of adoption, IVF treatments, foster child and whatnot and made up their minds for the best.


Amongst all the available option, adoption seemed the most viable one to the couple. Ron and Natalie wanted to be parents and nothing could have been better than giving an orphan the love of parents, something that every child deserves. They were sure that they would care and nurture the adopted child in the same manner they else would have done for their biological child.

Romania- Best Choice

While surfing through various adoption houses, Ron and Natalie decided that they would travel all the way to Romania to adopt a child. After weighing all the pros and cons of the adoption house there, the couple was all set to embark upon their journey towards parenthood unaware of what was waiting for them there.

Almost There

Ron and Natalie took the next flight to Romania and stepped into Eastern Europe. Their determination to have a baby took them to the city of Arad which was situated in western Romania. They were very close to their destination where eventually they will be adopting a child. But wait, will they be able to adopt a baby?