Building Bridges

Since the first time Katie saw baby Landon in the images, she loved him. When she met the baby she felt like a mother to him. She was always concerned about Casey and her relationship. She didn’t want to spoil everything just by saying something wrong. She knew it might cost Jeremy losing his son. For a long time both the ladies ignored having a conversation with each other but how long can it go that way? That’s when Katie noticed that this silence between them might negatively affect baby Landon’s personality while growing up.

Olive Branches

In the beginning, Katie didn’t want to take any risk and she maintained a distance with Casey, the mother of baby Landon. Now that Katie and Jeremy completed a year of their relationship and they knew that they’ll soon be planning a future together. This made Katie make an attempt to fill in the gap between her and Casey. They both were in an awkward situation but soon started getting along together.

Becoming A Family?

A relationship that started building with the motive of keeping Landon and Jeremy happy started to grow stronger. They started with burying the negative vibes and went on to know their true selves. Casey recalled in an interview, “we bonded on so many more levels than just Landon.” But one big day about brought them to a whole different level. 

Bonding Tighter

When the two started meeting each other they just couldn’t believe that they shared so many similar interests. The ladies became good friends over the period of months and no one could be happier than Jeremy to see the important people of his life becoming friends. All the past things came to an end when Casey met the right man and got completely over with her and Jeremy’s past. A guy named Tyler accepted Casey whole-heartedly knowing everything about her.

The Question

The time for Jeremy to ask the question was around the corner which meant that things were only going on the right track for all the five people. Jeremy and Katie, Tyler and Casey even used to plan dinner nights at times. One fine day, Jeremy finally built up the courage to ask the woman of his life the question that will only bring them closer.

A Huge Step

When Jeremy asked the most awaited question, he went down on one knee and said, “will you marry me?” Katie was overwhelmed and said yes without taking a single second. Both had tears in their eyes and couldn’t help but think how amazing their lives will be together. Yes, she was prepared but she was lacking with somethings. It was going to happen that in no time her doubts were going to take over her.