We stay so much busy in our day to day affairs that we go on spending our time without even noticing what’s going on around us. If we start paying more attention to our surroundings, we might come across something that can turn our lives upside down. Who knows how many golden chances we might have lost. Doesn’t make sense? This story will leave you wondering if you actually missed some of the greatest opportunities just because you weren’t paying enough attention to it.

An extremely strange sight appeared in front of his eyes. On giving it a quick thought he concluded that there was no possible way it was what he was thinking it to be. At first, he thought of ignoring it and moving forward without wasting any time. However, his curious nature waged wars against his busy schedule. At last, nature won and the schedule was kept on hold for a while. Finally, when he went closer to get a clearer view, he could have never imagined what was in front of him will soon become the reason behind the biggest change in his life.

Father’s Plan

Taking children’s assistance in chores and helping them in their own little projects build a stronger bond. Undoubtedly the most effective of all is parents taking their kids out on picnics, trips, and events of their interest play a significant role in their kids’ character building process. All these must be the thoughts on his mind when he asked his son if he would like to go out with him.

A Little Distant

The reason why this father asked his son for planning a day out was that he was noticing his son getting distant from the family from quite some days. Kids do behave like that at times but parents should never take this sudden twist in their kid’s behavior lightly. Hoping that just a little talk can make a big difference, he waited for his kid to say yes for the going out plan.

Whatever You Say

From project to the party, his son gave all the excuses as he didn’t want to go out with his dad. Well, both the father and the son knew that he was lying and they needed to talk. After a long argument and accepting the fact that he didn’t have any other plans for the day to escape his dad’s company, the kid finally gave in and said, whatever you say.

Trip Down The Memory Lane

So, his dad asked him to meet him at sharp 6 in the morning. He had the whole day planned in such a way that it will bring his son’s old memory back, especially when they both used to go for boating together. Little did he know that this trip will not only take them down through the memory lane but also give them one a surprise worth a lot.

Similar Interests

They always used to say, “like father like son.” They had similar habits. They used to watch basketball matches together and loved the same street food truck. They stayed up all night playing Fortnite and went for cycling every Sunday morning. But there was one thing they enjoyed the most; boating.

Boating Is Life

His father owned a small boat and that was their escape place. A boat that took them straight to their adventure world. Far from the rest of the people, they had this feeling of freedom whenever they went boating. But situations were different this time.