An Unexpected Twist

As the ceremony proceeded, the bride and the groom seemed to be elated to finally made things official. When it was time to exchange their vows, everyone in the room listened in to hear what they had to say to each other. The crowd listened intently as they awaited what Jefferson was going to say. The groom was aware that this would probably be one of the most important moments of his life.

Where It All Began

Everything was going smoothly and the all the guests were having a jolly good time too. When the ceremony started, there was nothing wrong and it began very ordinarily, just like another wedding should. But soon, Jefferson, the groom started showing signs of nervousness. His hands were visibly trembling as he started with his speech.

Best Man

You can straight away guess that he had planned on having this speech because of how prepared he was. Jefferson’s best man was right there next to the couple. With him, he had a video camera that he held out. He then began to record a video as soon as the couple was about to exchange their vows. Why do you think he would bring out a camera now of all timings?

The Start Of The Vows

None of the guests or even the bride was suspicious about what Jefferson had in store and proceeded with the ceremony. As the best man started recording the video, the couple began exchanging their vows normally. All of their closest friends and family were present at the wedding too. The bride went first with her vows, promising her future husband an undying love and devotion.

Veering Off The Path

Slowly by slowly, the crowd began to understand that there was an underlying frustration that was bothering the groom. It was getting quite clear that the groom was about to say something very important. He proceeded with his speech, stopped, took a long pause, then started to speak again. Why was he so hesitant and why couldn’t he smoothly say what he had to say?

What Made Him Change His Mind

As we all know, when people prepare to get married, one of the top priorities is to come up with a heartfelt vow to express to your partner. Jefferson must have been practicing for months to have this speech. The bride was certain that he definitely had something special to say. She put her trust in him, confident that he was going to say something meaningful, something along the lines of her vows.