19. GARRET GRAFFGarret Graff a political author and historian by profession. The writer has written on many hot issues like War and Terror and the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. His expertise on these controversial issues has gained him popularity. But this story is not about his expertise but about a peculiar ID card that he found. The card had directions written on its backside. 

The Beginning

The political writer was doing about his work when a colleague of his handed him an ID card. His co-worker had found it in a parking space. The finder said that the card was lying on the floor and there was no one around it. So, he picked it up and took it straight to him. Graff took the card from his hand and flipped it to see something amazing. 

Secret ID

It turned out to be a secret ID card. Graff’s colleague was not supposed to find that. The owner of it must have been in trepidation on realizing that he/she has lost ID card. 



He said, “It was a government ID for someone from the intelligence community,”  “and he gave it to me since I write about that subject, and he’s like, ‘I figure you can get this back to this guy,’” he continued.

Directions To….?


The backside of the card had some directions written on it. He tried to decode it on his own but failed. The directions were without any information. However, the lack of information did make him curious. Where was it directing, he wondered. This thought was going to make him discover something magnificent.            

17. DIRECTIONSGarret soon realized that the ID had step by step directions towards an unidentified location. The entire map was circled around that particular location. Garret thought of taking help from Google Maps in order to find out which place was the direction signaling towards.