There is no doubt that antiques leave us amazed at every sight. Be it the product itself or the engraved carvings upon it. Be it the material they are made of or be it the history that resides behind it, just everything about Antiques is interesting. There is a reason we call them the rare artifacts. These are precious collectibles and are worth heavy dollars.

Who knows what all a piece of artwork holds behind it. Some of the most expensive and delicate pieces of work have been found in the most unexpected places. Their history is even more incredible. Even if antiques doesn’t excite you, this story will surely make you give them a thought…

This woman stumbled upon a mysterious vase and the price for which it was sold at an auction would leave you flabbergasted.

The French Home

Recently a woman undertook the possession of this French home. She shifted to this new property around the cool breezed springs. The house originally belonged to another woman who was living here with her grandparents. All the belongings in the house were of the ex-owners. As the woman stepped in she started with cleaning the entire space. She would unpack various stuff kept in there. It was then when she found something suspicious…

The Box In Attic

As she carried out the cleaning and dusting of the house she came across different and old showpieces owned by the initial inheritors. Some amazed her and some were directly thrown to the garbage. She goes to the attic and found an old shoebox. She randomly opens the box to find something which shocks her for a while. What was there in the box in the attic?

The Antique Vase

The box had a vase. It was a magnificent vase with elaborate patterns and carvings. Just after a glance at the vase, someone could easily say that the vase must have had a royal and rich history. It is believed that this vase was inherited by the initial owner’s grandparents from their uncle who passed away in the year 1947. Despite being this splendid in the appearance, the vase failed to impress the woman and she did not pay much attention to it.

Unimpressed New Inheritors

After the vase made a striking history in the near future, the woman in an interview with BBC channel proclaimed that she did not like the vase at all. She had no liking towards the antiques, she never admired such pieces. But after the money this vase fetched her, she started paying keen attention to such stuff before throwing them away. Well, not only this vase but there was a grand collection which the dead uncle left behind that unimpressed the new inheritors…

Extravagant Collection

Surprisingly, not only the vase was left behind, but there was a vast collection of desirable antiques. There were dragon robes, Chinese porcelains and some finest of the peculiar bronze mirrors. These were a part of the same collection which probably belonged to the famous art collector Ernest Grandidier. But it was all of no use to the woman. Then what did she do next? Did a random collectible lover bought it for a good fortune?

The Greed

What the lady did next was quite intelligent of her. Though she was least impressed by the antiques, she still sought help from an expert. After all, they were Antiques and one never knows, what they can bring to you. Isn’t it? Maybe the lady thought that these pieces could make her shift to the new home a fortunate one. Whatever it might have been, at least she thought of consulting someone before discarding the antiques…