Anne lived alone, but people in the neighborhood had been very friendly to her. That is the specialty of the suburbs. People are amiable and are there for each other all the time. Anne was completely satisfied with her surroundings and felt comfortable with the people around. But would these people help her at the hour of need? 

No Security

Since the crime rates were low where Anne had been living, she had never bothered about getting tight and advanced security guards for her house, car or anything else that belonged to her. She had never been a sufferer of any crime and the thought of it never crossed her mind either. 


Mischief was knocking at Anne’s door but she did not notice it. Her soothing, uninterrupted life was going to face some challenges and disturbance now. Portland will soon turn out to be a not so safe place for her when a group of mischief-makers will invade in her peace. 


One morning when Anne woke up thinking it was a beautiful morning, she was in for a blow when she found out that the place where she parks her car was empty. Where could the car be was her first thought. On second thoughts she realized it might have been stolen. 

Unforeseen Event

When Anne realized her car was missing, it took her time to analyze what could have gone wrong. There had been no major crimes in the neighborhood since she was living there and she had not thought of any such mishap in the wildest of her dreams because she was never bothered by anything in the little and peaceful suburbs. 

Police Complaint

As soon as she came to terms with the theft of her car, Anne made a call to the police and filed a complaint. She told about the details of her car and that it was missing since morning when she woke up, so probably it must’ve been taken away silently by someone in the dark.