Losing More Abilities

As his condition worsened, you would think that this would be enough for the poor boy. But then, something even worse happened to the poor boy. Martin then lost his ability to speak! This innocent boy’s fate was certainly doomed and he did not deserve this at all. You could even say that this boy was in a coma of sorts and was nothing more than a vegetable now. 

Waiting For His Time

Martin Pistorius Story
To see their little boy go from a healthy and active one to an immobile piece of a body would certainly break any parent’s heart. So when Martin’s parents, Rodney and Joan Pistorius saw their son turn out this way, they begged the doctors to do whatever they could to fix him. Their only wish was for their lovely son to get back his motor functions and his ability to communicate…

Keep Him Home

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His parents were so desperate to get their son back to being healthy and fine again. Imagine having a son only for him to turn out to be paralyzed? Yes, even you would certainly do what you can to fix him, right? The doctors just advised his parents to keep Martin comfortable at home until the time for his death came. But the only thing was, Martin, did not die…

A Dad’s Duty

Martin Pistorius Story
It was as though the Pistorius’ son had been imprisoned in his own body. He was not living but was not dying either. It was such a tragic way to spend his time here on earth. By the time Martin turned 14 years old, it was clear that he was not going anytime soon. His parents felt helpless but then promised that they would keep him as comfortable as they possibly could…

After Every 2 Hours

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Since the doctors told Martin’s parents that they should just keep him home, they did not have a choice but to do as they said. So it then began as home care visits during the day. Since doctors could not be there all the time, during the night time, Martin’s father would be in charge. Martin’s dad would wake up every two hours just to fix his son from getting bed sores.

Daily Routine

Martin Pistorius StoryMartin’s mom and dad tried everything in their power to make him as comfortable as they possibly could. Since his parents quickly realized that they were not able to do this alone, they decided to enlist him at a local care center. His dad would get up at 5 o’clock daily in the morning, get Martin all ready so that he could drop him to get to the care center where experts can deal with him better.