People don’t realize how lucky they are until they lose those basic amenities that they are provided right from the time they take birth. They often take their near and dear ones for granted. But there are certain people who understand the real meaning of having a family because they don’t have one. These homeless people may seem to be filthy but their backstory is enough to shake you from within. Mick Myers was one of the unfortunate homeless people and there was no end to his tragedies. But then, a strange turn of fate changed his life forever.

Meet Mick

Some people are lucky enough that when they are born they have a roof over their heads, food to eat and a nice, cozy bed to sleep. Nowadays the new parents seem to be quite excited when their child comes into the world. They want to capture every moment of their kid, from his/her first cry to his/her first step. But Mick Myers wasn’t one of those fortunate kids when he came into this world.


A kid was born on a chilly night in 1950. He had never thought that his life would take such a turn and he will find himself in chaos when he would grow up. When Mick was just a baby, his mother left him. But then he was lucky enough to be adopted by a seemingly kind family in San Leandro, California. The kid wasn’t aware that he was adopted until another unfateful event happened in his life.


He never felt connected to his adoptive family right from the beginning. Something was missing in his life. His adoptive parents tried everything to make him comfortable, especially his mother. His mother, as he recalls later, was the most affectionate and kind-hearted woman in his whole adoptive family. However, there were many who disliked him.


His mother tried to be beside him every time, so he didn’t feel neglected but his siblings never used to leave any chance to bully him. And maybe that was the reason that he never got connected with his adoptive family, though at that time he wasn’t aware of this fact. He also tried to adjust but after some years he too left the things to fate. And because of this, he remained a lone wolf while growing up.

Describing The Situation

When he grew up he described his situation as “living a life as alone as a person could possibly be.” Soon after he finished school, he lost all contacts with his friends too. But he hit the rock bottom when he lost a person whom he felt really close to. He was shattered when his mother left the world abandoning him in this cruel world. What would he do now?

Finding Out The Truth

He was just 16 years old when he came to know that he was adopted. And this seemed to be the perfect explanation as to why he never felt connected to his siblings or family. Though this revelation didn’t help him in any way. When his adoptive parents passed away, all his siblings turned their backs on him.