What does your pet cat or a doggo mean to you? Or for that matter, any of the animal you are petting what importance does it hold in your life? Probably the most common answer is that they are a piece of our heart, they are our family, the one we wait to cuddle to when we reach home after a long day. They are the ones who are no less than a stress buster for us.

But unfortunately, there are certain exceptions to this. Not all the human parents love their pets to the extent the majority of us do. And if you ask me why and how can I say that, then what happened with this doggo will yield you the answers. And believe me, it is so difficult to understand how could someone do this to their pet.


Emma could not wrap her head around the caption that the advertisement read. She was baffled and at the same time surprised that there are people like this in the world as well. In a land where people just love these tiny mute and cute creatures, there are some who don’t love them enough.

What To Do

Emma was not sure how to help this poor doggo. She needed to find a way to save him from the mess that he has been dragged into. She could not see a little puppy suffering the unknown all because of his human owner. What will she do? Will she be able to help this dog?

Meet Emma

Emma Haswell is an animal rights activist. She is also the founder of Brightside Farm Sanctuary. As quite evident from her profession, she is a die-heart animal lover. And when she came across that odd advertisement, her heart took over. She, no matter what could not see that dog or any dog pictured in that advertisement.

Loyal Ones

The dogs are one of the most loyal beings. They are the ones who can understand us, can perceive our emotions and at the same time reciprocate them all with their best. They are the ones with whom one cannot resist falling in love. When Emma came across that advertisement, she was taken aback to see that there was someone who loved this dog a little less.

How Much For?

A pet is not only an animal living with you, but the dog or cat is also an irreplaceable part of the family. And even at any cost, one is not ready to give them away. And when Emma saw that the dog is priced and is on sale, she was shocked by the person’s humanity. What was that advertisement?

That Day

It was a usual day for Emma. She was just scrolling through various web pages and while doing so she came across an advertisement that caught her best attention. She was heartbroken and she wished to do something about it. What was that ad?