Pooches are love. If you have one then you don’t need any other companion. But unfortunately, we are not as good with them as they are to us. Whereas they are the best companion one can get, human proves to be their worst companion. Here is another story which reminds us of the callous nature humans possess. Two pups of three months were found in a dumpster by a man who had gone there to throw trash. Luckily, the man was kind-hearted and he decided to inform the nearby clinic about it who immediately arrived at the spot to rescue them. And from

San Antonio Pets Alive!

The “San Antonio Pets Alive!” does a very altruistic job. It is a medical clinic and organization that rescues dogs from shelters that puts them on the euthanasia list. Their entire place is occupied by these dogs who are to be deprived of their lives only because there is no space available for them. And one day the institution had a visitor. 

I Have These Puppies

One fine morning a man stepped in the center with two puppies who must not be older than  3-month. He had spotted them on the street. And he had come to the center to give it to them but the organization refused to take them in by stating that they don’t take strays in. But they assisted him by giving him directions to other shelters that would have free space to admit them. 

Abandoned Puppies

Kylie Brasher, the clinic director stated that the employees did give the man directions towards another shelter. The man went away with both the pup and the worker of shelter watched him till he went off their sight. However, the man did not go far from their building. Sadly, he too abandoned the puppies as it all became too messy for him. Once again, the baby was all alone.     

Thrown In The Dumpster

Four hours after the incident a man working at a meat market came up to the dumpster to dump some store’s trash when two puppies caught his attention. Both the puppies were playing in the middle of the dumpsters. Someone had thrown them into the dumpster. Not to mention, the traumatic sight had disappointed him a lot and he wondered who would have done this to them. 

The First Impression

The man who had spotted the puppies made way to the clinic to tell them about those puppies in the trash bin. The clinic that once had refused the admission of the dogs to their institution was all surprised when the man informed that about those two puppies. Brasher made it clear that the worker of the institution had no “idea he was going to discard these puppies. He walked up carrying them like they were his own.”     

Unmatched Match

Humans don’t deserve dogs as they are far loyal and trustworthy in comparison to a human. There have been many cases of brutality shown by humans to the dogs. If you are a dog lover, you would know that all these voiceless animal need is care and love. This story clearly demonstrates how ruthless a human can be.