Robert Shafran a nineteen-year-old boy had many beautiful dreams in his eyes when he entered his college for the first time though he had no idea that the reality was going to be wholly different. When he stepped into his college for the first time everyone behaved as if they knew him from years. It was weird for him as he did not know any of them. However, when he investigated the matter, he learned some unbelievable facts about his own existence. And during the same investigation, he busted the biggest illegal racket transpiring in America.

New Life

Like every other teenager, Robert had many dreams in his eyes. The nineteen-year-old boy just had completed a milestone of his life by finishing his school. And took on another when he enrolled himself in a college. He had high hopes from his new life. He began shopping with his friends before the opening of the college and had even decided what was he going to wear on his first day. He knew his first day was going to be very special.     

College’s First Day

The boy had gotten admission in Sullivan County Community college. No doubt, Robert was infused with nervousness and excitement both. The level of both rose to its highest on the first day of the college. Though he had been waiting for this day from a very long time, Robert got gripped with nervousness when the day arrived. However, he entered the college keeping all his hesitation and nervousness at bay.   

Friendly But Why?

It was a new world for him encompassing new place and new faces. He looked at everything with utter amazement and wondered how much college life is different from school life. He remained lost in his thoughts till a voice from behind hit his ear. He turned back and saw an unidentified man coming towards him. The boy hugged him and asked him how he was. Now, it went over his head. He stared at the boy for a minute and tried to recognize him but he could not. He was sure he did not know him but the boy was reacting in a very friendly way as if he knew him. Not being able to draw any rational conclusion, the boy took it as an extra friendly nature of the college students. Surprisingly, it was not only that boy but many students treated him as if they knew him. What was going on?

Something Was Amiss

How come an entire college was behaving in a similar way? It wasn’t one or two people who were doing this but the whole of college was behaving in this strange way. Something was seriously wrong. Initially, he suspected it to be a prank but soon had to rule out this assumption as to why would the entire college come together to pull a prank on him? It didn’t make any sense.   

What Is Happening

One thing that confused him further was this “Eddy” name. He noticed that his collegemates were calling him with the name of “Eddy” while approaching. In fact, there were even some girls who kissed him while giving greetings. The other fellow collegemates showed their happiness on seeing him back. The name “Eddy” had thickened the mystery. While each and everyone in the college was calling him “Eddy” surprisingly, he had never heard this name before. He assumed perhaps he resembles someone named “Eddy,” and maybe that’s why people are mistaking him for that. But what he could not understand was how one can look so similar to someone that no one was able to differentiate between them. Well, he was soon going to get the answer to this question. 

Robert’s Intuition

He had been on the campus only for an hour and had heard “Eddy” thousands of times. He headed towards the dorm room he was allotted while pondering over the strange developments. Who was this Eddy? Why everyone was calling him by this name? In no time he reached his dorm.